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Research Grants & Projects

Rajan, S. K., Koorankot, J. The Effect of Solution Focused Questions on Depression: Neuro-cognitive Mechanisms, Electrophysiological State, and Affective Experiences. Funded by Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India. Ongoing

Uthaman, S. P. & Koorankot, J. Prevalence of Scholastic Backwardness among upper primary students in Calicut district in Kerala. Funded by the Indian Council of Social Science Research. Funded by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). Ongoing

Koorankot, J. & Rajan, S. K. Change in Neuropsychological Functions by means of Solution Focused Brief Therapy: An experimental study in the clients with Depressive Disorder. Funded by the European Brief Therapy Association (EBTA). 2018 March - Ongoing.

Moosa, A. & Koorankot, J. Effect of Solution Vs. Problem Focused question on affective experience and processing speed among persons with depressive episode. Unfunded. 2018- Completed

Jawad, S. & Koorankot, J. Effect of Solution Vs. Problem Focused Question on Hope and Working Memory. Unfunded. 2019 Jan - Completed.

Koorankot, J., Beegam, H., Arangode, A. Indian adaptation, Translation and Cross-Language Validation of Solution Focused Inventory. Unfunded. 2018 Dec - Ongoing.

Koorankot, J., Rajan, S. K., Ashraf, Z. A. Effects of Solution Focused Vs. Problem Focused Questions in Neuropsychological Components and Electrophysiological State. Funded by the European Brief Therapy Association (EBTA). 2016 March 2017 August. Completed

Koorankot, J. & Huibers, A. J. Effect of Solution Focused Circle Technique on Processing Speed and Affective Experience. Funded by Academy for Solution Focused Approaches & Research (ASFAR). 2017 Dec- 2018 May. Completed.

Fareed., T. P., Ashraf, Z. A. & Koorankot, J. Development of Aptitude Test (K-DAT) for Higher Secondary Students of Kerala. Funded by Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of Kerala. 2015 Jan - 2018 Sep. Completed.

Koorankot, J & Ashraf, Z. A. Preventing Suicide among College students. Solution Focused Peer Counselling. Funded by Govt. Arts & Science College, Kozhikode. 2010 Dec - 2012 June. Completed

Koorankot, J & Ashraf, Z. A. Factors influencing Career Choice of Higher secondary students in Kerala. Funded by Centre for Information and Guidance India (CIGI). 2008 May - 2008 Dec. Completed

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